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Colombia is home to some of the best plastic surgeons in the world. In addition to having excellent plastic surgeons, the Colombian government has invested a considerable amount of money in improving the country’s medical infrastructure to provide a safe and friendly environment for travelers interested in health procedures.

It is a country recognized worldwide as a leader in the provision of health and medical services. According to ISPAS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) Colombia is located as the number 7 country in terms of the number of plastic surgeries performed each year. Likewise, the country occupies the 10th place in the Overall MTI Ranking (Medical Tourism Index), an index that ranks countries among the most attractive destinations in terms of costs and quality of medical services and institutions. This index is recognized internationally as one of the best indicators on the most prominent countries in terms of medical tourism. Relation of low costs and quality: You can receive treatments or surgeries at very favorable costs compared to those of the United States and Europe, under the same standards of quality and use of technology.

The location within the Valle del Cauca, the climate and the relief, make Cali a space of great natural wealth. The confluence of rivers and other water sources make the region a natural power of crops such as sugarcane and animal husbandry. Cali is one of the main cities of Colombia, it is a city that has tourist attractions with history, a very active cultural life and musical rhythms that have given it fame throughout the world. The musical rhythms of Cali, thanks to its ethnic wealth, range from the currulao of the Pacific coast to the great protagonist of the city: salsa, a Contagious and frantic pace that is part of the country’s culture.

Cali is officially Special District, Sports, Cultural, Tourism, Business and Services, it is the only large city in Colombia that has quick access to the Pacific Ocean, 114 km away from Buenaventura, the country’s main port. The city is one of the main economic and industrial centers of Colombia, in addition to being the main urban, cultural, economic, industrial and agricultural center of the south west of the country. It is also one of the main sports centers in Colombia, highlighting the organization of important sporting events such as the Pan American Games of 1971 and the World Games of 2013. It is also known as “the world capital of salsa” and “the branch of the sky”.

According to Lonely Planet, Cali has recently become famous for being a primary destination for people seeking cosmetic surgeries and dental treatments at low cost compared to their countries of residence. The surgeons of the city are famous, and in Colombia, for having the majority of women is the most beautiful in the country.



It is an arduous task to make the decision to travel outside your city or country of origin to perform a plastic surgery. The reasons that can influence your decision to perform a procedure are many and diverse, however together with my entire team we will help you in whatever you need and you will feel at home. In addition to my extensive experience and excellent results obtained with my patients, my vocation of service is reflected in my practice as a plastic surgeon with my patients, always having a listening attitude towards them to understand their expectations and develop a surgical plan that suits to his needs I invite you to review the procedures section so that you know our portfolio of services and request a distance assessment.