mammoplasty (augmentation, reduction, lifting)

This surgery aims to shape, reshape, reconstruct and, ultimately, model the patient’s breast in any of its modalities: augmentation, reduction, lifting (breast pexia) and reconstruction, always retaining its natural morphology. Lamamoplasty augmentation is aimed at achieving an increase in breast volume through prostheses or implants.

With the reduction mammoplasty it is possible to modify the breast size of the patient by removing the fatty tissue, breast and skin. This operation is usually performed to relieve a physical problem rather than purely aesthetic reasons. Most of those who undergo this operation are women worried about the excessive volume of their chest to interfere with many activities and cause physical discomfort, especially back.

Breast Pexia or Breast Lift is ideal for sagging and sagging breasts. These fall for several reasons: the passing of the years, after breastfeeding, weight loss, loss of elasticity of the skin, among other factors, which can only be determined during the medical evaluation and thus recommend the best surgical strategy. With this procedure it is possible to correct the fall, repositioning the tissues and thus recover the shape of the breasts. If the breasts have fallen out of excess volume or skin, it is necessary to reduce them partially, but if instead they have fallen due to loss of volume it will be necessary to place implants to improve their shape

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