Intimate Rejuvenation

It is a corrective and reconstructive procedure that aims to strengthen and improve the function of the vaginal area, remodeling the tissue and giving it a youthful and firm appearance. It has the function of correcting damage in this region, such as the absence of the vaginal canal, widening of the vaginal muscles or other structures, due to congenital diseases such as Vaginal Altresia or the physical trauma of childbirth and cancer.

Vaginal rejuvenation can be summarized as a stretching and lifting of the region of the vulva and vagina. Also included are procedures for diminishing the labia minora, as they are sometimes protuberant, protruding between the labia majora. Through the procedure it is possible to tone the vaginal muscles, giving them strength and control, improving the sensation during sexual experiences. Another procedure involves the injection of fat into the labia majora, as they sometimes lack volume congenitally or as a process associated with aging.

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