Gluteoplasty or Buttock Lipoinjection

Depending on the physical characteristics of the patient, Gluteoplasty or Buttock augmentation surgery is a surgical procedure in which the volume is increased and its shape improves in some cases, or the excess skin and fat is removed from the area, in others. Gluteoplasty or buttock augmentation can be done in 2 ways: With fat injection by liposculpture or with implants or prostheses.

When patients have sufficient fat deposits, fat injection can be performed, performing a Gluteoplasty on the outside and obtaining as an additional benefit the improvement of the contour in areas close to the buttocks. This is the case in which patients do not have a waist due to excess fat in the abdomen and flanks and lack gluteal volume. In this case the combination of liposculpture and gluteoplasty gives very satisfactory results. Lipografts go very well when looking to correct deformities.

When looking for a high volume buttock augmentation in certain areas, Gluteoplasty with Implants is recommended, which involves the placement of silicone prostheses under the gluteus maximus.

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